Calming Chamomile & Witch Hazel Toning Mist

Calming Chamomile & Witch Hazel Toning Mist

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Chamomile is a calming powerhouse and is a great botanical for those with inflamed, irritated, sensitive, and reactive skin. Chamomile has documented healing powers that date back to ancient Greece and Rome where it was renowned for its ability to heal the skin and repair tissue.

This formula also contains the soothing powers of Witch Hazel whose skin healing powers also date back centuries. It provides so many benefits for all skin types but its soothing & calming properties definitely shine in this beautiful botanical. We only use alcohol free Witch Hazel that is grown in the wild to ensure a product that won’t strip your skins natural moisture barrier and dry out the skin.

Our Chamomile Witch Hazel Toning Mist reduces inflammation, soothes irritated & red skin, banishes blemishes, & protects your skin by fighting free radicals. It contains natural anti-bacterial properties which helps to keep the skin clean & free of infection and discomfort (especially during times of flare ups or breakouts).

A great option for those with rosacea (all types and especially pulstular), eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel (alcohol free), Chamomile Floral Water, Chamomile Oil

Directions: Apply directly to freshly cleansed skin by misting the face (with eyes closed) or applying with a cotton pad in an upwards motion. Follow with your favourite serum & moisturizer. Can also be used to freshen the skin during the day and calm the skin after environmental exposure.

Use daily to calm, tone, & balance skin. Can also be used during times of extreme dryness, inflammation, flare ups, or when irritated. This is a great formula for those with red, inflamed, dry, irritated, and rosacea prone skin. This formula is alcohol free so it won’t disrupt your skins natural but if sensitive to the witch hazel (which is rare but does happen) you can opt for our Chamomile Toning Mist made with only chamomile flower petal water.