Calming Crystal Gift Box

Calming Crystal Gift Box

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Crystal gift boxes make the perfect gift for those special people in your life (that can also be you!). Each box comes wrapped and ready to gift, put in a stocking, or unwrap yourself. 

The Calming Crystal Gift Box is great for those people in your life that are always on the go, having a hard time, can't calm their mind & emotions, or expecting to have a stressful holiday season. 

It contains: 

  • Lepidolite tower to promote peace, harmony, & instantly serve up feel good vibes. It contains a naturally high content of lithium which is great for relaxing the mind, promoting a restful sleep, and boosting dopamine levels. 
  • Fluorite moon harmonizes the mind and spirit to help promote a clear focused thought process. Fluorite also encourages positivity and balance making it an extra good crystal for those that lead busy lives. 
  • Raw amethyst calms the mind and helps to promote a restful sleep. It is also a powerful protective crystal that banishes bad vibes and helps keep your space packed with positivity. 
  • Raw howlite clears away negative thoughts and provides a soothing energy. Howlite is an extremely underrated crystal that all people gravitate towards and need in their life. 
  • High grade clear quartz points to amplify the other crystals and provide the exact healing energy needed