Crystal Clear Gentle Clarifying Facial Oil

Crystal Clear Gentle Clarifying Facial Oil

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Just because your skin might be blemish prone or you might have acne doesn’t mean you need to be scared of oil (seriously! don’t be scared!!). Acne prone skin can actually be low in linoleic acid (an Omega 6 essential fatty acid which your body can’t produce it needs to be given) which can be found in abundance in this formula and will help to correct your acne & blemishes. + Crystal Clear Clarifying Oil is packed with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungal oils which help keep your skin clean and free from bacteria which can build up and cause problems. Blemishes can be caused from micro-tears which result from people’s skin being too dry and often happens from using harsh acne products that dry out the skin which then starts this huge endless cycle of your skin & blemishes never healing – all because it was dry!

Crystal Clear Clarifying Oil can be used as both a spot treatment and all over facial oil for those with combination, oily, acne, and blemish prone skin. This formula targets different areas of acne & blemishes to give you a formula that reduces breakouts (duration & frequency), balances your skin, reduces scarring, and leaves your skin with a natural radiance. This formula is suited for those with even the most sensitive of skin and is tea tree oil free for those with sensitivities (+ is anyone else as sick of tea tree oil in almost every acne moisturizer as I am? Diversify people!). + This formula is also free from coconut oil (MCT or otherwise) for those whose skin doesn’t agree with it.

This gives the formula additional nutrition, antioxidants, and omegas to help your skin heal quickly and promote healing. Crystal Clear contains grapeseed oil which won’t clog your pores and comes with a long list of benefits. It is rich in Vitamins C, D, & E which all help to reduce scarring, wrinkles, and tighten the skin. Its high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols help to treat acne + it is high in linoleic acid which (again) acne prone skin needs to repair. Grapeseed oil also helps to balance the skin by moisturizing dry areas and balancing oilier areas.

Hemp Seed Oil packs even more omegas, antioxidants, and acne fighting nutrients. It balances sebum levels, won’t clog pores, reduces inflammation & irritation, boosts elasticity, softens roughness, tightens & shrinks large pores, & moisturizes your skin without leaving any greasy feeling behind. All of these attributes make it perfect for treating acne/blemish prone skin.

Rosehip Oil offers so many great benefits for all skin. It stimulates the production of healthy cells which aids in faster cell turnover which in turn helps the formula to work faster. It is antioxidant rich which allows it to provide protection from free radicals + it is anti-microbial which helps the skin stay clean and keep blemishes at bay. Rosehip also has anti-aging benefits and promotes a healthy glow (and who doesn’t want both of those benefits in their skincare).

I also use my in-house Calendula extract in this formula which adds anti-septic, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial powers that your skin is going to soak right up. Calendula is also great for calming and soothing the skin + it has even undergone clinical testing and has been shown to speed up the healing process of blemishes & acne scars!

Olive Oil Squalane mimics our own natural sebum which in turn helps to balance sebum levels for those with acne. Squalane is a natural antioxidant found in our skin which keeps our skin soft, supple, and smooth but it begins to diminish in our mid-20’s so supplementing it in your skincare is a must as you get older! Squalene is a miracle worker when it comes to fighting scars (old & new) + its antibacterial properties help to fight acne while keeping the skin hydrated, and its high antioxidant content helps to protect skin from environmental pollution. Immortelle (helichrysum) & cajeput oils come together for an intoxicatingly fresh spicy fragrance.

Cajeput Essential Oil helps to balance the skin by removing excess oil that could otherwise be caught in pores. It also tightens and shrinks pores, brightens the skin, and keeps bacteria and infection at bay thanks to its antiseptic properties.

Immortelle Oil helps to balance the skin (making it great for all skin types and those with combination skin also) plus it moisturizes, heals, detoxes, firms, and keeps the skin clean thanks to anti-bacterial properties.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Cranberry Oil, Olive Oil Squalane, Calendula Extract, Immortelle (Helichrysm) Oil, Cajeput Oil

Directions:For best results apply to clean skin (after toning & treating) as either a spot treatment or all over facial moisturizer. To maximize results use twice a day (morning & night).


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