Divine Feminine Ritual Mist

Divine Feminine Ritual Mist

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This mist harnesses the powers of immortelle (helichrysm), ylang ylang, geranium, and grey moonstone to bring you a mist packed with divine feminine energy. Each botanical has a special connection to goddess and magick (just like you).

Immortelle (Helichrysm) is known as the spiritual warrior in the plant kingdom.  It optimizes the circulation of life force (aka Prana/Chi) and ignites a strong spirit. Immortelle cuts through emotional blockages and breaks unhealthy thought patterns which helps support self-transformation and regeneration. In many cultures this is known as the flower of immortality. 
Ylang ylang is associated with the planet Venus  - goddess of lust and romance. It is a powerful flower when working with love magick (including self love) + it supports us to go inwards and work on our selves while supporting us emotionally. Ylang Ylang is THE floral extract to enhance your vibe with Divine Feminine if you feel out of sync with this connection.
Geranium is linked to fertility, love, and health. It encompasses feminine goddess energy and embodies Pachamama's healing energies. Geranium supports and comforts your inner child and opens the heart for healing.  It creates harmony and offers friendly, kind, sweet loving energy. 
Grey moonstone holds sacred goddess energy, enhances sensitivity to the divine feminine, and heightens intuition & psychic ability. This gemstone harnesses powerful loving and healing energies that support you on your divine journey. It has been used for centuries to enhance fertility and support women's overall reproductive health +i t is a highly protective stone for women & children and is often using in coordination with pregnancy and birth. 


Use this mist to enhance work with goddess and divine feminine energy. Can be used as part of any ritual when looking to connect to divine feminine.
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Wild Crafted Witch Hazel, Ylang Ylang Floral Water, Grey Moonstone, Helichrysm Oil, Geranium Oil 

Each bottle contains 120 ml e. 4 oz 

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