Noble Heart Crystal Gift Box

Noble Heart Crystal Gift Box

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Crystal gift boxes make the perfect gift for those special people in your life (that can also be you!). Each box comes wrapped and ready to gift, put in a stocking, or unwrap yourself. 

The Noble Heart Crystal Gift Box is packed with crystals to help you live your best life and feel like the queen/king you truly are every single day. 

It contains: 

  • Strawberry quartz tower to stimulate joy and happiness in your life as it opens the heart. This crystal is linked to growth, love, affection, and nurturing energy making it a powerful crystal for self love and self growth. 
  • Pyrite crystal enhances connections and promotes prosperity and good fortune. It also protects against negative energy, provides protection, and promotes wealth of all kinds to enter your life. 
  • Raw rose quartz crystal to support your heart and promote healthy relationships of all kinds (including the one with yourself). 
  • Clear quartz tumble to amplify the other crystals and provide the exact healing energy needed 

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