Valhalla Sunstone & Silver Necklace - Minimalist Teardrop

Valhalla Sunstone & Silver Necklace - Minimalist Teardrop

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Autumn equinox is here and as the days continue to get shorter we will all be looking for a little more sun in our lives ☼.  These pendants will allow you to carry the sun with you wherever you go during the cold stormy months ahead.

Each pendant is cloaked in a unique embellished sterling silver casing and comes on a sterling silver chain. There are four designs to choose from with something to offer for everyone - this listing is for the minimalist teardrop cash in a beautiful silver flower. 

Sunstones can be found in Icelandic literature dating back to the 13th century where it was believed to be used by Vikings to assist in navigation due to its ability to reflect the suns rays/position even on the stormiest days. They are also linked to luck and good fortune making them a great stone for everyday but especially long and (potentially) dangerous journeys. 

Sunstone clears all energies and chakras, instills good nature, boosts vitality, reduces stress, and enhances self worth. + It is a great stone for those working on setting boundaries and looking to advance in their careers. Sunstone also enhances optimism, originality, sensuality, and creativity.

These are the most radiant sunstone pieces I have ever seen and I am so happy to be able to share them with you. Each necklace is genuine .925 sterling silver and hypoallergenic. 


Chakra: Sacral & Solar 

Zodiac: Libra & Leo 

Element: Fire & Air 

Materials: Sunstone (Norway), sterling silver 

Weight: 2.5g